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The aim of this wiki is to produce a flexible, concise Programme of Study for ICT that allows for future developments and also provides further explanation and detail where required.

The Key Stage Two Programme of Study for ICT is now complete (25.8.12)

First Drafts of the KS1 and KS3 Programmes of Study are now complete (11.4.13)

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Digital Wisdom

Digital Literacy

Digital Creativity

Digital Technology

Digital Society

Digital Artefacts

Digital Studies

The Department for Education has published the draft National Curriculum for 2014 which rebrands ICT as Computing.

The Teaching Agency has published the Subject Knowledge requirements for entry into Computer Science teacher training.

This Wiki is a response to the following statement taken from the DfE website, the Royal Society report - "Shut Down or Restart?" and the joint statement from CAS, NAACE and ITTE - "ICT and Computer Science in UK Schools"

"On 18 January 2012 the Secretary of State launched a public consultation on a proposal to remove the duty on schools to teach the Programmes of Study for information and communication technology, or use the associated Attainment Targets and statutory assessment arrangements, from September 2012. The consultation closed on 11 April and the consultation report is now available online.
Having considered the responses to the consultation, the Government has decided to proceed with disapplication. In this interim period, schools will still be required to teach ICT to pupils at all key stages but teachers will have the flexibility to decide what is best for their pupils without central Government prescription."


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