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Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

Pupils should:
Pupils should:
Pupils should:
  • a) learn how ICT is used outside of school.
  • b) learn about some of the ethical, legal and political issues relating to ICT.
  • c) understand some of the environmental issues relating to ICT.
  • d) be able to consider the impact ICT has had on society around the world.
From the Winchester House School ICT Handbook
"Our children are growing up in a world where computers are part of everyday life and the Internet is seen as a basic human right. As a result computers have a huge affect on the society in which our children live and they need to understand what this means for them. The children need to recognise that computers have a vital role to play in shops, hospitals, government, the media etc.

They will be encouraged to share their experiences and think about questions such as “Should websites have age ratings?”, “Would computer controlled cars be a good idea?” and “Should Facebook be available to under 13s?”.

We also encourage the children to think about how society has changed and been influenced by the invention of computers and how society may continue to change in the future. We will consider certain aspects of science fiction such as a future in which robots live alongside humans.

The influence of social networking sites over traditional media such as newspapers and television will be explored and we will look at how technology and social media have transformed the way we report and receive the news. We will also look at how other cultures around the world use and experience ICT."

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